Panel Aluacero - Chapa metálica con ventanas para permitir la ventilación


The Aluacero Panels are the only ventilated panels that offer total safety against vandalism. The lay-out of their openings prevents dangerous and liquids from penetrating the panels. They offer one-way visibility, which means that visibility from outside is restricted.


Thanks to its excellent mechanical resistance to loads and impacts, the ALUACERO PANELS adapt to any project, from vents to large facades cladding, and including the building of ventilated rooms and acoustic screens.

The Aluacero Panel is a product developed and patented by CIERRES DEL HOGAR, S.L., and is available in different formats:

  • P59x35 11L WINDOWS

  • P59x35 5L WINDOWS

  • P59x35 11L Multiperforated

  • P59x35 5L Multiperforated

  • P59x35 11L microperforated

  • P59x35 5L Microperforated

  • P59x35 11L Blind

  • P59x35 5L Blind

  • P59x35 11L EOLO